9 Condos & Townhouses For Sale - Philippines

Townhouse Quezon City

Townhouse Quezon City, Philippines Intro Quezon City is considered the largest city in Metro Manila, Philippines.  The word "Quezon" was derived from the name of the 2nd Preside......... more »

Manila Condos

Home Buyer's Guide: Manila Condos Intro Manila is the 2nd most populous city in the Philippines next to Quezon City.  Manila also holds the country’s famous shopping centers......... more »

Condo Makati

Condo Makati City, Philippines Intro Owning a house in Makati can be a hard decision when deciding which shopping malls, schools, or places of businesses you want to be near. �......... more »

Condo For Sale Cebu

Guide: Condos For Sale Cebu City, Philippines Intro Home is a place where we take our refuge after every day's work.  I suppose each of us is longing of having a home we can c......... more »


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