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Condo Makati City, Philippines


Owning a house in Makati can be a hard decision when deciding which shopping malls, schools, or places of businesses you want to be near.  Proximity to choice destinations is the main reason that people want to buy a condominium in Makati City.

Users searching for “Condo Makati” will definitely find this article a great help.  This page is full of information about condominiums in Makati, and also about the city itself.

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About Makati City

The City of Makati is one of the most crowded metropolitan areas globally and known to be the financial center of the Philippines.  Other than that, Makati is also the home of the Philippine Stock Exchange and the Makati Business Club.  The sub-district of the Makati central business is the Ayala Triangle, located between Ayala Avenue, Makati Avenue and Paseo de Roxas, as well as the buildings on those streets.  The Pasig River is located on the North of Makati and the Pasig River Ferry Service has two stations, Guadalupe and Valenzuela.  

Many real estate properties have launched in Makati City, especially condominiums because of its high demand.  There are also many commercial establishments emerged within the city.  So if you’re planning to buy a high-quality condominium, Makati is a great place to start looking.  However, the cost of living in Makati city is also quite high.

Top 4 Facts

  • Makati is the 16th largest city in the country and ranked as the 44th  most densely populated city in the world with 18,654 inhabitants per km2.
  • Makati became the financial center of the Philippines during the 1950s.
  • By January 2, 1995, Makati became an independent city by virtue of Republic Act 7854.
  • The city of Makati features a tropical monsoon climate.

Makati City Condominiums

Developed by famous developers in the Philippines, condominiums in Makati are skillfully planned and will truly last long.  Makati condos stand near important places to give you the utmost convenience.  Some Makati condos have sky parks where the rooftops are being landscaped for you to feel the freshness of nature at the heart of the bustling city.  These also have fitness gyms, swimming pools and other amenities.  Most importantly, condos in Makati offer 24-hour security.

If you’re planning to rent a condo unit in Makati for short-term, you also have several choices.


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