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Townhouse Quezon City, Philippines


Quezon City is considered the largest city in Metro Manila, Philippines.  The word "Quezon" was derived from the name of the 2nd President of the country, President Manuel L. Quezon.  Quezon City or QC to most Filipinos is ranked as no. 7 "Asian Cities of the Future" among 200 Asian cities conducted in 2007 by AsiaBiz Strategy.  This city led many other Asian cities in terms of cost effectiveness, economic potential, quality of life and quality of human resources.  

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The city of Quezon is a shopping haven, with more than 30 shopping malls spread throughout the city, one of them is EDSA SM Mall, the largest shopping mall in the Philippines and the third largest in the world.  With a great number of amusements and recreational centers, 24-hour gated communities, residential condominiums, hotels, restaurants, and other commercial establishments, the city is considered as a lifestyle city because it is aiming to create a combination of conveniences for people who are living and working in the city.

Top 5 Facts

  • Quezon City is considered as the most populous city in the Philippines.
  • Quezon City is located in Luzon island.
  • Quezon City is one of the cities that make up Metro Manila.
  • Quezon City is the former capital of the Philippines (1948-1976).
  • Quezon City is the home of the Philippines' major broadcasting networks.

Buyer Advice

One of the most popular searches we get here at Philippine Realty Group is: "townhouse Quezon City".  It's understandable, being that this is one of the largest, and most popular real estate markets in all of the Philippine Islands.  Some advice to keep in mind is that Quezon City is too large to search by yourself.  You need a seasoned Broker that knows the area, and is able to help you narrow down your search for the perfect townhouse in the area that suits your needs.  I would not recommend searching on your own because you are likely to miss some gems that would otherwise be at the top of your short-list.

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