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Guide: Condos For Sale Cebu City, Philippines


Home is a place where we take our refuge after every day's work.  I suppose each of us is longing of having a home we can call our own.  Owning a home is not that easy, you have to work for it to have exactly what you want in a home.

Everyone of us has our own personal choice of what type of a home we want; size- whether it’s a mansion like or a small one, design - whether it’s a modern-Zen inspired home or simple one, the location - if it’s in the middle of the city, countryside or nearby a beach.

After all, keep in mind to make an intelligent choice in choosing or buying a condo so you will not regret what you have spend with your investments.

condominiums for sale makati

This article serves as a guide in choosing a condo unit especially a condo for sale Cebu.

About Cebu City

Cebu known as the Queen City of  the South and the second most notable metropolitan center in the country is situated in the central part of Visayas, Philippines.  Cebu is a center of commerce, trade and industry in the Visayas and Mindanao regions and it also holds the second largest international flights in the Philippines.

Cebu is one of the fast growing provinces in the Philippines with Cebu City as the second biggest city in the country and considered as the main center of business trade and industry in the Visayas Region.  Cebu City is the oldest city being the first Spanish settlement in the country.

Cebu’s economy is booming.  Cebu is home to various national and international corporations.  The country’s main domestic port is found in Cebu, about 80% of domestic and international shipping companies are located there.  Cebu also holds the second international flight in the country providing more business and job opportunities specially locals from neighboring island of Cebu.

Urbanization in the city of Cebu is fast growing and now leads to the increasing use of its land for housing, industrial, institutional, commercial and other related activities.  With 1.6 million visitors a year, Cebu is one of the most popular destinations in the country.  This relies on its appealing tropical climate and beaches that favors diving, swimming and resort living; and its rich cultural heritage, natural and manmade attractions.

Top 5 Facts

  • Cebu City is the second largest metropolitan in the Philippines.
  • According to Conde Travel Magazine, Cebu is the 7th best island in the world.
  • Cebu is also known as "Zubu" or "Sugbo".
  • The majority of population in Cebu are Roman Catholic.
  • The oldest University in the Philippines and in Asia is can be found in Cebu, which is the University of San Carlos Cebu.

Condos in Cebu

Living and owning a condo for sale Cebu is a good option for people who often come to Cebu.  It’s even wiser to buy a condo unit where you can stay short-term or for good especially for those foreign businessmen and emigrants who desire of a delight and luxury living.

It is more convenient staying in Cebu condos whether rented or owned.  Most units are located perfectly near business establishments, workplaces and more.  Cebu condo units are of  high quality which let you experience contemporary city living.  Purchasing a condo unit is even practical, when not in use, you can have it for rent and earn money from it.

Buying a condo unit can be made by way of bank financing or in cash payment.  You may also avail the Pag-Ibig Housing Loan from the Home Development Mutual Fund of the government.  However, this type of loan is made available to Pag-Ibig members only.  Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) may also avail the Pag-Ibig Housing Loan.  You may contact us for more information regarding Pag-Ibig Housing Loan and its processes.

Helpful Tips When Buying a Condo Unit

In buying condos for sale Cebu, you have to take into account some important considerations such as the location, the quality of the building, the amenities offered, security and most importantly your budget whether you can maintain the monthly rent or mortgage.  Thus, take your time in choosing
condo, it’s even wiser to make some research of different condominiums and compare it to weigh up what is best that suits your preference.

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