4 Condos & Townhouses For Sale - Philippines

Boracay Condos

Condo Buyer Guide: Boracay Condos Intro The island of Boracay is the best island you could imagine in the Philippines.  Geographically, the island of Boracay is part of the to......... more »

Baguio Condos

Buyer's Guide: Baguio Condos Intro Baguio City is located within the Cordillera Central mountain range in northern Luzon and enclosed by the province of Benguet.  Tourism is o......... more »

Quezon City Condo

Condo Buyer's Guide: Quezon City Condo Intro When buying a condo unit, there are numerous considerations that you must face.  One of the most essential considerations when you......... more »

Ortigas Condo

Buyer's Guide: Ortigas Condo Intro Ortigas Center is the 2nd business and commercial district in the Philippines next to Makati City.  Both Philippine and International busine......... more »

Condos For Sale in Makati

Condos For Sale in Makati City, Philippines Intro Buying a home - particularly if you’re buying your first home - is sometimes an overwhelming experience, although it can be ......... more »

Condos in Manila

Condos in Manila, Philippines Intro One of the biggest issues faced by those people living and working in urban areas, like Metro Manila, would be living spaces and housing fac......... more »

Condo Cebu

Condo Cebu, Philippines Intro Each and every one of us has its own biggest dream in life, most likely having a dream house in the future which we can call our own.  Working so......... more »


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