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Investor's Guide: Makati Condo


We have different wants and needs when finding a home and purchasing it.  There are those who want big homes with spacious lawns and gardens, while others want simple homes with just enough space for their family.  There are also those who want to live in the city to take advantage of the proximity to commercial establishments, schools, restaurants, malls, nightlife, etc.; while others want to be near beaches or mountains.

Always remember that buying a home is a serious matter.  So take your time finding the right one in a location that you really desire to live in.  The end goal is for you to live conveniently and with satisfaction in your home-buying decision.

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This article aims to give you knowledge about buying a Makati condo, and other interesting aspects about living in Makati City.

About Makati City

Most Pinoys dream to have their own address in Makati.  Living in Makati is a dream for many and it can be considered our version of Singapore.  It is indeed the country's financial hub and is considered to be the most developed.  Competitive and well-known companies and businesses - such as Philippine Stock Exchange - reside in the heart of this city.  

Many famous Pinoys and foreigners live in this area usually in the gated subdivisions of Forbes Park or high rise condominiums along Salcedo and Legaspi Village.  Makati is a home to several world-class malls and hotels giving residents and visitors the mix of a professional yet fun-loving lifestyle in the metro.  As demand for real estate property increases prices will go up.  This increase in price is the reason why people consider Makati condos a good investment. 

Top 4 Facts

  • Makati City is one of the most populous metropolitan areas in the world.
  • Makati City is one of the cities that make up Metro Manila.
  • Makati City was founded by Spaniard Miguel López de Legazpi - the founder of Manila and first Governor-General of the Philippines - who first spotted the area in the year 1578, and dismissed as a worthless swamp.
  • Makati City is the "Financial Capital of the Philippines".
  •  Makati City is the home of Philippine Stock Exchange and the Makati Business Club which is considered one of the most important economic hubs in the Philippines.

Condos in Makati City

There are many luxurious condominiums scattered throughout Makati City.  These Makati condos are masterfully planned by famous developers in the country.  KL Mosaic is one of the most remarkable condominiums in Makati because of its architectural structure.  It gives you the perfect view of Washington SyCip Park and Legazpi Active Park.  Prices of condo units are ranging from 2.1M to 18.4M

Makati City also has high quality yet affordable condominiums for young professionals looking to buy a prestigious home near their work.

If you're planning to stay in Makati for a couple of weeks or months and prefer to stay in a condo, you can also find condo units for rent.

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