The Proscenium at Rockwell, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines
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Stef's Note: Proscenium is over 80% sold out and filling up quickly.  It's not very often that a property comes along that truly gets me excited.  I'm a huge fan of Carlos Ott's avant-garde design, and when I heard he was arriving in the Philippines to be the architect for Proscenium, my interest was piqued.  When he finally publicized his design, my expectations were not let down.  Proscenium at Rockwell is without a doubt the most innovative building design the Philippines has ever seen.  It's edgy, futuristic look has the feel of a new-age London or Shanghai tower, and is destined to raise the status of Rockwell Center, and likely the entirety of Manila.

Many times,  a city is remembered by its most iconic avant-garde building.  London has the egg-shaped Swiss RE tower; Shanghai has the Oriental Pearl Tower.  These buildings stand out in the skyline, drawing all attention towards them.  They are edgy, avant-garde, and futuristic.  Unfortunately, at present, there is not one Manila tower that has these characteristics............yet.

With the completion of the Proscenium, I finally feel that the Philippines - at long last - will have its iconic building, that will regularly be pictured in magazines, web publications, and Television, and will transcend as the architectural icon of Metro Manila.

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Imagine how exhilarating it would be watching CNN, when a story about Manila comes up, and the routine scene of the now iconic Proscenium is displayed to introduce the city.  Imagine the pride and sense of life accomplishment  that would well up inside of you as you point at the screen and say "I live there.  Right there on the 50th floor".

Now I could go on and on about all the other perks of the development, such as its central placement in Rockwell Center (quickly becoming a smaller and more high-end Fort Bonifacio), but when all is said and done, all that pales in comparison to the prestige that comes with living in The Architectural Icon of Metro Manila.

Investor Note:  I don't normally feel this strongly about a property, so this is very rare.  It is my strong recommendation to all investors to seriously consider The Proscenium at Rockwell.  The Philippines has never had an architect as talented as Carlos Ott, and to be quite honest, I don't see any other developments in the near future that are going to rival the stunning futuristic design that the Proscenium will become.  My strong belief is that the avant-garde design (love it or hate it) will become one of the most (if not the most) iconic buildings in Metro Manila.  With that prestige will come property price increases.  Beyond that, Rockwell Center is quickly becoming the most upscale area in the Philippines and Southeast Asia;  That alone is enough to suggest healthy property value increases in the short to medium term.

If you compare to Manhattan or Hong Kong, a comparable 3-bedroom condo will cost about $2 - $3 million.  That is  300% higher than a Rockwell 3-bedroom.  And it is not hard to see Rockwell Center escalating its stature to a 'Manhattan of Asia'.

It is my strong belief that this is a 'once in a lifetime' opportunity.  Although Rockwell Center has dramatically increased its value over the past few years, I still feel that you are getting in at a very undervalued stage, and that the Rockwell Center, and Proscenium in particular, will see dramatic increases in value in the future.


Developer Description: Rockwell Land Corporation brings you the one of the most luxurious residential development in Makati City – the Proscenium.  With its one of a kind structural design, the Proscenium will set as the new landmark in the city of Makati.  This will soon to rise at Rockwell Center with its 5 exceptional residential towers that will only house 2 to 5 residential units for each floor.  This is to ensure its future residents to have exclusivity and to provide them more generous space in their own home.  At the Proscenium, art, design, and living are brought together for you to experience the perfect symphony of a premium lifestyle.

Address & Map

Estrella Street, Barangay Guadalupe Viejo, Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines



The Proscenium at Rockwell

About Carlos Ott (The Architect)

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Rockwell Center

Models Currently Available

30 sqm  322 sqft.
Lincoln – Studio (32 sqm)
6.5 - 7 million  $147,727 - $159,091 see monthly payment
Studio / 1 bathroom Condo
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only 1 left
reserve now
55 sqm - 65 sqm  592 - 0 sqft.
Lincoln 1 Bedroom (54 – 65 sqm)
10 - 12 million  $227,273 - $272,727 see monthly payment
1 bedroom / 1 bathroom Condo
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60 left
reserve now
90 sqm - 120 sqm  968 - 1291 sqft.
Lincoln 2 Bedroom (90 – 119 sqm)
20 - 25 million  $454,545 - $568,182 see monthly payment
2 bedroom / 2 bathroom Condo
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37 left
reserve now
140 sqm - 160 sqm  1506 - 1722 sqft.
Sakura 2 Bedroom (140 – 162 sqm)
25 - over 30 mil.  $568,182 - $681,818 see monthly payment
2 bedroom / 2 bathroom Condo
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15 left
reserve now
160 sqm - 200 sqm  1722 - 2152 sqft.
Sakura 3 Bedroom (164 – 202 sqm)
25 - over 30 mil.  $568,182 - $681,818 see monthly payment
3 bedroom / 3 bathroom Condo
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14 left
reserve now
220 sqm - 240 sqm  2368 - 2583 sqft.
Kirov 3 Bedroom (223 – 241 sqm)
over 30 mil.  $681,818 see monthly payment
3 bedroom / 3 bathroom Condo
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25 left
reserve now
320 sqm  3444 sqft.
Kirov 3 Bedroom w/ Den (332 sqm)
over 30 mil.  $681,818 see monthly payment
3 bedroom / 3 bathroom Condo
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only 1 left
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All Amenities HIDE (click here)

Swimming Pool
Landscaped Gardens
Open Lawn
Arrival Court/Drop off
Water Features
Fitness Gym
Game Room

Property Details HIDE (click here)

Land Area: 3.6 hectares
Number of Towers: 5 towers
- Sakura Tower
- Kirov Tower
- Lincoln Towers (3)

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7 Question & Answers
  1. A. L.:

    can you send me the payment options for lincoln studio and 1 bedroom units.


    I’m looking for a 3 bedroom unit with balcony facing the morning sun. When it is turned over, can you send me pictures and the layout of any 3 bedroom model units? Also please let me know the price in cash for a car parking spot.

    • :

      Hi R K Khurana,

      Thank you for your interest in Proscenium at Rockwell. Please check your Email as I’ve just emailed you back regarding your queries.

      Thank you.

  3. Oscar:

    Hi Stef,

    This is an absolutely stunning property! I was wondering if foreigners are allowed to invest in this property? I live in California (US)?

    Thank You, Oscar

    • :

      Hi Oscar, (I also emailed you back)

      Yes, US citizens (and other foreigners) may own up to 40% of all the property units in this development. However, I do have to warn this is one of the most popular properties with foreigners, so the percentage of foreign ownership is higher than usual.

      With that being said, I talked to the Builders yesterday, and they stated that foreign ownership is still open for Proscenium. So we can work to secure a property if you’d like.

      Please reply to the email I sent you concerning the Proscenium details, and we can move forward with the next step.

      Thank You.

  4. Allan:

    What floor is the swimming pool on? I’m interested for Kirov 3br near swimming pool.

    • :

      Hi Allan,

      Thank you for your interest in the Proscenium Rockwell Kirov Tower.

      The Amenity Deck is located on 5th floor. If you desire to be on that level, we can work with you to acquire one.

      Please reply to the email I sent to you, and we can get started.

      Thank You.