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Condos in Cebu, Philippines


Having a home in a location that we really want to live in is one of the important factors in life.  Some of us want to live right at the heart of the city to be close to the places that we interested in, and at the same time enjoying the in-city lifestyle.  Others want a home close to nature - like beachfront homes or mountain homes - for them to escape from the busy and noisy city.  Living in these kind of homes also refreshes their lifestyle. 

No matter the type of home you want it would be worth your time to search for the right one since this will be your biggest investment.  You also need to have a home that is secure so that you and your family will live confidently and comfortably.

Cebu condos for sale

This article will give you information about condos in Cebu and other things that Cebu has to offer – from shopping malls, restaurants, tourist spots, and other recreational places.

About Cebu City

Cebu is located in the central portion of Visayas, Philippines.  It is the second largest city in the country and also known as the "Queen City of South".  Way back when the Spanish conqueror Miguel Lopez de Legazpi established the earliest European settlement in the Philippines, Cebu was considered to be the oldest city in the country.  

Today, Cebu City offers many business opportunities.  It also offers the ten best universities in the Philippines, which attract many students from different islands to Cebu to have their education here.  Currently, Cebu is now increasing in terms of usage of its land for commercial, industrial, housing, institutional and other related activities.  Urbanization in the city is increasing, since trading and commerce in this city is progressing.

Top 5 Facts

  • Cebu is home to many national and international corporations.
  • Cebu has been named as the furniture capital of the Philippines.
  • Cebu is also becoming an IT hub as many companies, either local or international, are establishing their headquarters in Cebu.
  • The Cebu International Convention Center serves as a landmark in recognition of Mandaue City’s involvement in the international trade.
  • The city of Cebu has become a site for various call centers and BPOs.

Cebu City Condominiums

Many condominiums are now being developed in Cebu.  This is because many people from other places rush here to experience what Cebu has to offer.  Most condominiums in Cebu are conveniently rising near schools, workplaces, shopping malls, etc.  There are also beachfront condominiums that you can find in Cebu that give you resort-like lifestyle.  All condos in Cebu have amenities such as swimming pools, fitness gym, recreational areas, 24-hour security, and more.

Living in a condo unit is very convenient and comfortable because aside from the amenities they offer and the nearness of your places of interest, you also don't have to worry about the maintenance.  Owning a condo is very wise because if your unit is not in use you can offer it for lease.  So you can benefit by using your condo unit as a source of income.

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