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Buyer's Guide: Baguio Condos


Baguio City is located within the Cordillera Central mountain range in northern Luzon and enclosed by the province of Benguet.  Tourism is one of Baguio's main commerce due its antiquity and climate.  It has the most tourist attractions gathered in a limited area.  Most of the tourist spots are located on the East and South Sides.  Baguio City also received many awards because of its tourist spots, and by having a service oriented facilities.  

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This city of Baguio is known of its cold temperature, pine trees and strawberries.  Since this city is highly developed, many commercial establishments, houses, hotels, condominiums were launched, and through it their quality of living improved.

Top 5 Facts

  • Baguio City is located some 1,500 meters above sea level, nestled within the Cordillera Central mountain range in northern Luzon.
  • Baguio City is known for its cold temperature.
  • There are more than 80 hotels, inns, and other estates available in Baguio City.
  • The city being among the top 25 destinations in Asia.
  • Baguio is a university town with 141,088 students out of the 301,926 population count done on the year 2007.

Buyer Advice

Although Baguio condos can sometimes be pricey, it really depends on the exact area you want to stay in.  There are pockets of affordable Baguio condos in the area, and there are also more expensive luxury Baguio condominimums.  It ultimately comes down to where you want to stay, and what luxury you are willing to pay for.

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