Bare Type Condos & Townhouses For Sale - Philippines

These properties for sale (condos, houses, and townhomes) in the Philippines are all turned-over as Bare Type. Bare Type means the interior of the unit/home is without paint, floor tiles, partitions, and furniture.

₱1.5 - 5.7 mil.  $34,091- $129,545

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Santarosa Estates, Santa Rosa, Laguna
₱5.5 - 9.5 mil.  $125,000- $215,909
Santa Rosa

Settle in a home where nature is well-preserved and location is perfect and very accessible to central commercial districts.  At Santarosa Estates, you can’t ask for m......... more »

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San Antonio Heights, Santo Tomas, Batangas
₱1.9 - 3.6 mil.  $43,182- $81,818
Santo Tomas

Move in to an active and ready community, at San Antonio Heights.  A well-integrated community constructed at the gateway of Batangas, situated at the foot of the eminen......... more »

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Sea Residences, Pasay, Metro Manila
₱3 - 12 mil.  $68,182- $272,727

Stef's Note:  Please note there are only a few units left.  The main selling point of Sea Residences is that it is literally right across from Mall of Asia (see map bel......... more »

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Escalades South Metro, Muntinlupa, Metro Manila
₱1.5 - 3.5 mil.  $34,091- $79,545

After a busy day, you want to settle in a place where you can relax and unwind, and escape from the metropolis’ hectic situation.  It’s the perfect place to start th......... more »

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