As per Philippine law, all new property sales must be backed by a Licensed Broker.  If you do not choose one, the Seller will provide their own (who works for their interests)

  • Stef Anub is a government-licensed Philippine Real Estate Broker that has a fiduciary duty to look out for your best interests.


The majority of people selling Philippine property on Facebook & the internet are unlicensed (illegal) salespersons

  • All of our Salespersons & Brokers are properly-licensed with the government, and must abide by the Brokers' fiduciary duty to look out for you.

 If you buy directly from a Seller, you are not protected in the transaction.  And you will NOT get lower prices by buying directly. Here's why.

  • We negotiate with the Seller on your behalf, to get you discounts and ensure that all of your Buyer's Rights are protected during the transaction.

Additionally, we have a US office & real estate agents to reassure our international buyers  (as we are bound by US law).

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