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Home Buyer's Guide: Makati Condominiums


Buying a condo unit in Makati is a fulfilling event in a homeowner's life.  Being the Philippines' Financial and Central Business District, Makati is expected to be crowded, full of businessmen, professionals, and - of course - the country’s most famous and important people. 

Condominiums in Makati reflect the characteristics of Makati City itself.  Whether its a luxurious or affordable condo unit, they are usually all phenomenal and of high quality.  Makati condos are master-planned to create a spectacular development that will fit the needs and wants of every person’s different preferences.  These condominiums are very secure and also offer first-class amenities for your satisfaction.

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About Makati City

Makati City is located on the southeastern part of Manila the capital city of the Philipppines.  It is ranked as the 44th most densely populated city in the world with 18,654 inhabitants per km2.  

Today, Makati is the most preferred location for local and foreign investors.  Why?  It is because Makati is considered as the commercial hub and financial capital of country.  It is a home to many global companies and multinational and local corporations.  Makati has the most advanced telecommunication infrastructure in the country.  It is even the leading choice of IT locators since it has ICT-ready buildings.  It hosts different international embassies which make Makati an essential center for international affairs.  

What makes Makati more captivating to residents and visitors are its world class amenities, with six five-star hotels, eight shopping malls, different commercial and residential Makati condos, thousands of restaurants and bars on every corner of the city.  Thus, Makati is truly the prime location for business, leisure, and certainly a wise choice to settle down.

Top 5 Facts

  • Makati is home of the Philippine Stock Exchange and the Makati Business Club.
  • Makati City ranked as the 44th most densely populated city in the world with 18,654 inhabitants per km2.
  • Makati City was founded by Spaniard Miguel López de Legazpi, who dismissed Makati as a worthless swamp.
  • Makati City was one of the cradles of the revolt against Spanish colonial rule.
  • Makati became an independent city by virtue of Republic Act 7854 on January 2, 1995.

How to Purchase a Condo Unit

Purchasing a Makati condo unit can be done via many options.  You can do it by cash payment which is the best because you will get big discounts; you can also do it through in-house financing or home financing from banks.

The very common way of purchasing a condo or any other properties, is through a Pag-Ibig Housing Loan.  This is supported by the Government’s Home Development Mutual Fund.  Overseas Filipino Workers can also apply for Pag-Ibig Housing Loans.  For more information about this, you may contact us.

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