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Condos in Makati City, Philippines


Many people come and visit Makati City both for short-term and permanent stays.  As people increase their numbers in the city, developments of condominiums increase too.  Condos in Makati are said to be the country’s best.  They offer a wide variety of high-class amenities and also 24-hour security.  Sky Parks are built into some condominiums where the rooftops are landscaped.  Some also have open lawns and lush gardens. 

Condos in Makati usually offer 1-Bedroom to 3-Bedroom Units with balconies that give you the magnificent views of Makati Skyline.  Living in a condominium in Makati is very accommodating.  Aside from the amenities provided, they are also built near important places. 

About Makati City

The City of Makati is one of the cities that comprise Metro Manila.  Makati City was founded by Spaniard Miguel López de Legazpi.  At one time, Makati was a miserable worthless swampland, and after World War II - around the 1950s -  it became the financial center of the Philippines.  

Manila Condos

As Makati grows rapidly, and real estate is booming, the city of Makati is now the prime real estate property location.  For instance the Forbes Park and Dasmariñas Village are some notable residences in Makati.  Situated also inside the city are the gated communities such as Bel-Air, San Lorenzo, Magallanes, Urdaneta, and San Antonio.  

Local and foreigners who are planning to stay for good can also choose various high-rise residential condominiums in Makati City.  This condominiums are very accessible to offices, commercial establishments, malls, restaurants, hospitals, schools and other government institutions.  Makati City ensures comfort and accessibility through the availability of different means of transportation complemented by a road network around Metro Manila.

Top 5 Facts

  • Makati City is the 16th largest city in the Philippines.
  • It is named as the "Financial Capital of the Philippines" and "The Wall Street of the Philippines".
  • One of the most populous cities in the world.
  • Makati is a home of the Makati Business Club and the Philippine Stock Exchange.
  • Makati has a total land area of 27.36 square kilometers; it constitutes 4.3% of Metro Manila's total land area.

Planning to Buy a Condo Unit?

Homebuyers want a perfect home they can call their own.  In order to have this, homebuyers must spend time searching for the perfect home and must consider a few things.  Location and the cost of the condo unit are the top consideration to most homebuyers.  It is important to know: what conveniences your home can give you, if the location is near your place of interests like schools, your workplace, malls, etc.  Homebuyers must also be aware of the full cost of the mortgage of their condo unit and whether they will be able to pay it in long run.

Amenities and security are also some of the important considerations in buying a condo unit.  Homebuyers must know what amenities it offers like: pools, fitness gym, basketball and badminton courts, etc.  Security plays a very important role in owning a condo unit since we all do not want to put our family in harm.  Therefore we must make sure the community we are living in provides tight security.

The usual way of buying a condo unit is through a Pag-Ibig Housing Loan, which is not only available to Filipinos here in the Philippines, but also to Filipinos working abroad.  This kind of Housing Loan is supported by the Government’s Home Development Mutual Fund. 

Some also buy a condo unit through cash payment, which is very advisable in buying any other kind of property since you can get big discounts. 

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