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Condo Buyer's Guide: Alabang Condo


 Alabang Village is a village located in Ayala Alabang an outer suburb of Metro Manila in Muntinlupa city district in the Philippines around 21 km from the center of Metro Manila, 18 km south of Makati and about 20 minutes drive on the South Luzon Expressway.  

After over 30 years in existence, the village remains the most sought-after residential subdivision in Metro South because of its prime location, first-class facilities, and easy accessibility to the business districts of Muntinlupa, Makati, Pasay and Pasig.  It is a totally integrated community, offering the conveniences of modern living outside the busy streets of the city.  The village experiences gentle breeze year round because it is bounded by two bodies of water, Manila Bay and Laguna Bay.

Taguig Condos

Top 3 Facts

  1.  A village located in Ayala Alabang an outer suburb of Metro Manila in Muntinlupa city district in the Philippines.
  2.  The village is bounded by two bodies of water, Manila Bay and Laguna Bay.
  3.  Ayala Alabang Village, after over 30 years in existence, remains the most sought-after residential subdivision in Metro South.

Buyer Advice: Alabang Condo

Condos in Alabang are some of the most sought-after and expensive in the Philippine condominium market.  If you have the budget to afford the high-end property in this area, then I highly recommend this area.  The word-class facilities, restaurants, and amenities in the area - along with the proximity to the business districts of Metro Manila - make this a top choice.  However, if you are on a budget then this may not be your best area to consider.


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