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Buyer's Guide: Alabang Condos


Alabang Village nestled in the edge of Muntinlupa City, Metro Manila.  It can be drive on the South Luzon Expressway within 20 minutes.  This village is known for having  its own bird sanctuary;  it has more than 60 known species spread all over the village.  Out of the 5500 capacity homes, 4283 are already occupied, while others are still under construction.  Since the village has its own water reservoirs, scarcity of water would not be a problem.  

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Other than the electricity, cable, and landlines, the village also provides other services such as direct satellite link connections, clinic, fire trucks, transportation system, ambulance service, community channel, and other services.  The Alabang Village Association also works with its Barangay and the Parish of St. James the Great, to provide peace of mind, tranquility, and community spirit to the homeowners.

Top 5 Facts

  • An official bird sanctuary.
  • The village has a built-up capacity of close to 5,500 homes.
  • Self-sufficient in water coming from several deep wells and water reservoirs, and has its own Sewerage Treatment Plant.
  • Has an estimated population of 27,000 residents.
  • There are at least nine (9) institutions of learning within the village walls.

Buyer's Advice: Alabang Condos

Anyone looking to buy a condo in Alabang should be aware that the prices are higher than in most areas.  The residents are usually wealthy businesspersons, that can afford the higher prices.

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