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Siena Park Residences, Paranaque, Metro Manila, Philippines
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Stef's Note:  Please not that Siena is over 95% sold-out.  Siena Park Residences is a mid-rise condominium village, that is only a few miles from the Manila International Airport.  It is a gated community cloister, with 24-hour security where you can enjoy park-style amenities to include basketball, a full gym, and a fun & beautiful millenium pool.  When you need to go to the airport, you're right next to the Skyway, and the airport is only a few miles away.  I highly recommend this property for buyers wanting to be close to the airport.

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Key Highlights:

  • Close to airport
  • Medium-density: more community space
  • Lots of open green space for the kids and pets
  • Cool millenium pool
  • Very safe: gated with 24-hour security
Investor Note:  Paranaque is a medium-growth property area, set to increase in value modestly over the next few years.  I think Siena Park Residence condos could outpace the other properties in the area because of how close it is to the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX), and being that it is just a few minutes drive to the International Airport.  From a rental income standpoint, you will be able to target renters that want to be close to the airport.

Address & Map

West Service Road, Barangay Sun Valley, Paranaque City, Metro Manila, Philippines



Siena Park Residences

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65 sqm  699 sqft.
2 Bedroom Inner (63 – 68.5 sqm)
3.5 million  $79,545 see monthly payment
2 bedroom / 1 bathroom Condo
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70 sqm  753 sqft.
2 Bedroom End (68 – 79.5 sqm)
3.5 - 4 million  $79,545 - $90,909 see monthly payment
2 bedroom / 1 bathroom Condo
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90 sqm  968 sqft.
3 Bedroom (85 – 94 sqm)
4 - 4.5 million  $90,909 - $102,273 see monthly payment
3 bedroom / 2 bathroom Condo
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only 1 left
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50 sqm  538 sqft.
2 Bedroom (48.5 – 61.5 sqm)
2 million  $45,455
2 bedroom / 1 bathroom Condo
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55 sqm  592 sqft.
2 Bedroom (55.5 – 72.5 sqm)
2 million  $45,455
2 bedroom / 1 bathroom Condo
Sold Out
60 sqm  645 sqft.
2 Bedroom (60.5 sqm)
3.5 million  $79,545
2 bedroom / 1 bathroom Condo
Sold Out


All Amenities HIDE (click here)

Atrium (landscaped)
Lounge Area  
Function Hall
Fitness Gym
Game Room
Bar Area
Entertainment Room
Playground (kids)
Water Fountain
Pool Deck
Grass Lawn
Leisure Pool
Pool (kids pool)
Basketball Court
Property Management Office (PMO)
General Maintenance (common area)
Laundry Station
Water Station
24-Hour Security
Roving Security Personnel
Fence (electrified)
Entrance Gate
Fire Alarms
Fire Escapes/Fire exits
Elevators (high-speed)
Parking Lots

Property Details HIDE (click here)

Land Area: 3.1 Hectares
Theme: Modern Contemporary
Number of Floors per Building: 5 Residential Floors
No. of Buildings: 11 Mid-rise (double row and single row type buildings)
- Auburn
- Citrine
- Lilac
- Magenta
- Indigo
- Cerise
- Olive
- Plum
- Crimson
- Lavender
- Peach

Unit Details HIDE (click here)

Balcony/Terrace (All Units)
Service Area

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6 Question & Answers
  1. April:

    Hi Stef,

    Looking for more privacy in a development. May I know how many units per floor thus each building have? I don’t like condo unit to be very dense.

    Thank you.

    • :

      Hi April (I emailed you back)

      Siena Park Residences has about 17 – 20 units per floor, depending on which building you are in.

      But please keep in mind that Siena’s floors are very long (as you can see in the pictures, so although 20 may sound like a lot, it is spread out over a lot of area. This is a medium-density design because the buildings have fewer floors and the acreage is very large compared to others.

      If you’re interested, please contact me as soon as you can (just reply to the email I sent). Siena is over 98% sold-out as of today’s date.

      Thank You

  2. Jerry Miller:

    Hi Stef/Presh,

    This is an absolutely beautiful place you got here! I’m writing from San Diego, California, my wife is from the Philippines. She has some family in Paranaque that she wants to visit regularly so we’re planning on buying in the area.

    However, my wife is now a naturalized US Citizen, and no longer has her Filipino citizenship. How are we able to buy property as foreigners? I’m not really sure how it works over there, and I’m too lazy to research it 🙂

    Please point me in the right direction if you’d be so kind.

    Yours Truly,
    Jerry Miller

    • :

      Hi Jerry, (I also emailed you back)

      San Diego is beautiful I hear. I believe Presh lives a few hours from there.

      To answer your question: As per The Condominium Act of the Philippines, R.A. 4726, Foreigners are allowed to own condos and townhouses in the Philippines.

      I’d be happy to answer any further questions you might have. Please reply to the email I sent to you at your leisure.


  3. Franz:

    I’m interested in reserving the 2 bedroom model. Can you please contact me concerning this?

    • :

      Hi Franz,

      Thank you for your interest. I just emailed you back. Please reply to my email and we can move forward with the next step.

      Thank You.