Although there are many ways to get money into the Philippines, there are only a few that my clients have tried, and that I can recommend.

1: ATM Withdrawal

Most popular banks are connected to ATMs in the Philippines (BoA, WaMu, NavyFed, HSBC, CitiBank, to name a few).


  • Fast & easy  (there are ATMs everywhere)
  • No need to open a Philippine bank account


  • ATM Fees
  • Limited amounts daily
However if you go with BoA Limited to about $400 - $1500 daily, but you can request a temporary increase to $2,500 (temporarily, call in to ask for it for 7 days, and can be extended to 1 month.

Business Account --> Option 1



2. Bring it with you on the Plane

You are allowed to bring up to $9,999 into the Philippines (per family) without declaring anything.  Note, that it is not per person, but per family (customs form filled out).  If you are traveling with a family member (not spouse or children)


Philippine branches in Philippines only Business.  1-888-287-4637 --> Option 1

Outside the bank transfer $25 one-time fee.  Personal --> Business $25

International to outside Bank is $45 International Bank $45 (Wire Transfer)

Personal --> Personal $45 outside BoA

Personal --> Personal w/in BoA (free)  (PH has no Personal Accounts)


2. Western Union

  • $10k or more at a time - Must use a Western Union foreign exchange service (more fees). 
    • Note it's cheaper to go to the Western Union office than to do it online.
  • PayPal up to $10k limit. (recommended method)
    • We help you setup a PH bank account to transfer into (recommended)
    • or we can hold it in our Escrow bank account (last resort only)

3. RemitHome


4. Bank Wire

Most banks will wire to any account in the Philippines.  Check with them before you leave to the Philippines, as you might have to do it in person at you branch.

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