When bringing money into the Philippines there is a requirement that you declare any amount that is PhP 400,000 equivalent or $10,000 USD or over   You do this on the Customs form when arriving at the airport.   That means $9,999 is the max amount you can bring in without reporting.

The requirement is here and here.

The limit is applied to all persons traveling together (mainly families with kids) on the same itinerary.


Although there is no tax or drawback from doing so (it's only a reporting requirement to stop money laundering), some people like their privacy.

For these privacy-seekers I present legitimate ways to avoid reporting:

Option 1: Split Up

If you are traveling with family or friends (not including wife, kids, or dependents), book your tickets separately (you can still choose seats next to each other).  Let each person carry $9,999.  Then at the airport, each person should fill out different Customs forms.  This will work for everybody except spouse, kids, and dependents.

Option 2:  The ATM is your Friend

Carry $9,999 on you (only $10k and up must be reported).   Put the rest in your checking account, and retrieve it via ATM.  Bank of America will let you withdraw up to $2,500 daily (you must call them about it for this temporary increase).




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