We've had success getting our US & international clients loans at BDO (Banco d' Oro) and MetroBank.  They seem to be the most flexible when working with foreigners.  Most Banks require you to have a Filipino co-maker.

MetroBank is a bit more strict


One of the main stipulations is that you have proof of living in the Philippines, and you intend to live here in the future.  There are a host of other requirements (and they can change all the time).  I recommend you contact me and I can give you a call or email you back, with current information.

If you ever need any help in the future, I'd be glad to help you with your Condo search and Loan Application.


The following Philippine banks, as of today, have a policy of not loaning to foreigners:

  • BPI
  • Landbank
  • PSbank
  • Unionbank

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