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User's Guide: Quezon City Townhouses


One of the biggest dreams of most Filipinos is to have a better life, as in living comfortably and happily.  That’s why most of us work so hard in order to achieve such a dream.  Some Filipinos take the risk in working abroad just to fulfill the needs and wants of their families.  Working overseas is difficult for them, but in order for their loved ones to live with ease, they take the job.  Acquiring a house and lot for most Filipinos is a big goal.  Having a permanent place to live in is an achievement for us Filipinos.

About Quezon City

Quezon City being the largest city in the Philippines and one of the cities that comprises Metro Manila, the National Capital Region, is situated in the island of Luzon.  Quezon City was named after the 2nd President of the country, President Manuel L. Quezon.   According to AsiaBiz Strategy, the city of Quezon is one of the top 10 "Asian Cities of the Future" among the 200 Asian cities, joined by Singapore, Hong Kong and Tai Pei being the top 3.  

Quezon City is one of the most populous and biggest cities in the Philippines; and it was the former capital of the country.  So, it is expected that there are many commercial establishments built in Quezon.  Therefore, if you're looking for a real estate property, specifically a townhouse, you have many choices in this City.   

Quezon City is the first local government in the country with a computerized real estate assessment and payment system.  So, all real estate in Quezon City are secured.  Also, the government of Quezon City established a database system that now contains around 400,000 property units with the capability of recording and tracing all the payments.  

The city of Quezon has its all to offer whether you're a resident or a visitor.  From 2,380 amusements and recreational centers, including 60 cinemas, most cinemas are situated inside shopping malls.  The famous La Mesa Eco Park is also located in the heart of Quezon City which you can enjoy lots of activities such as swimming, fishing and biking.  There are also 13,700 eating establishments, 3,604 beauty salons and barber shops, 129 physical fitness centers and 12 health clubs.  These interesting places are unleashed throughout the city!  The city also offers more affordable real estate properties than the other progressive cities around Metro Manila, as a result, demand for real estate properties like Quezon City Townhouses are now increasing.

Top 5 Facts

  • The third largest shopping mall in the world and the largest in the Philippines is located in Quezon City, the EDSA SM Mall.
  • Quezon City is the former capital of the Philippines (1948–1976).
  • Quezon City was ranked as no. 7 as the Asian Cities of the Future by AsiaBiz Strategy conducted in 2007.
  • The two famous universities in the Philippines is located in Quezon City, the University of the Philippines Diliman and the Ateneo de Manila University.
  • Quezon City is also called "QC" to most Filipinos.

Factors when Acquiring a Real Estate Property

Before acquiring a real estate property, there are factors that you need to know.  You must not directly buy the property without checking it meticulously.  The first factor that you must consider is the environment or the geographical area.  Try to know about the area that you want to live in, whether it has a history of earthquakes and floods.  Especially nowadays, floods are very rampant.  It’s not just an ordinary flood that goes around your knees; floods now usually go above 5 feet.  But if you don’t have a choice, and you just want to live in that area which had a history of flood; you must try to construct or buy a house that has two to three storeys, for emergency purposes if flood level rises.

Condo in Manila

After consulting about the area of the property, talk to the right person.  What i mean is, talk to the official broker of the company.  Don’t just go contacting a broker that you are not sure of.  Then, you also need to check the background of the company you're dealing with.  Because there is a possibility that it might be a scam.  

Scams are also rampant now a days, just like the realty firm Globe Asiatique.  Their customers or the residents were given void documents by the said company.  Their house and lot was not named after them, it was named by another person that they don’t even know.  They try to consult this problem to the developer of the said firm, but he was nowhere to be found.  That’s why the Head Developer of Globe Asiatique, Mr. Delfin Lee, is now wanted in the Philippines, given a Php 2,000,000 reward for those who can capture him.  So just a reminder, beware of scams, for you not to be a victim.

Another important point is you must know your limits, and know your budget.  This is so that you wouldn’t have a problem in paying your obligations in the future.  Another option is for you to apply for a loan.  Popular housing loan in the Philippines is the Pag-IBIG Fund.  Lastly, you must think it through thoroughly, and you must not decide alone.  Get some expert advice from persons you can rely on when it comes to acquiring a real estate property.


  • Description

    A townhouse is a type of home built with common walls.  A home that shares a building with other units.  Usually, townhouses are composed of two or three storey units.  It is also defined legally as “an attached, privately owned single-family dwelling unit which is a part of and adjacent to other similarly owned single-family dwelling units that are connected to but separated from one another by a common party wall having no doors, windows, or other provisions for human passage or visibility”.

    Basically, a townhouse includes the ownership of the land.  But there are common properties for townhouses, such as the central courtyard.  Townhouses mostly come with single-family home amenities.  Such as garages and backyards, which owners are generally responsible for maintaining.

  • History

    Townhouses were a city residence of a noble or wealthy family.  In the 18th century, landowners and domestic helpers would move to a townhouse during the social season.  Such as when drawing rooms took place or major balls.

    Most of the townhouses in United Kingdom were terraced.  But even aristocrats whose country houses had grounds of hundreds or thousands of acres, they still lived in terraced houses in town.  One example is the Duke of Norfolk.  He owned Arundel Castle in the his country.  But his London house, Norfolk house, was a terraced house in St. James’s Square with a measurement of 100 feet wide.

Differences between Townhouses and Condominiums

Some people are confused between the distinction of a townhouse and a condo.  So I will explain and clarify things in order for buyers to know what are the differences between these two.  Confusion starts with the distinction of the type of property owned and how people legally own the property.

In Townhouses, residents own the interior and the exterior of the property.  They also owned the land beneath and in front of it, as well as having some rights to the air space above the property.  While in a Condominium, you only owned the interior of the unit; the land of the property and the space above, the front and back yards, the stairs, the grass outside the unit is owned collectively by all of the owners of the unit.

Top 4 Known Townhouses in Quezon City

  • Regina Hills

    One of the most popular Quezon City townhouses is the Regina Hills.  It is a 16 unit elite townhouse complex developed by Banff Realty & Development Corporation.  It is located in a perfect area, wherein everyone can still enjoy the fresh ambiance of nature within the city.  Schools, hospitals, parks, restaurants, business centers and malls like SM City and Tri-noma is just a few minutes away from Regina Hills.  The pricing of the townhouses in Regina Hills is around Php 8,000,000 per unit with an area of 136 meters.

  • Ferndale Villas

    Ferndale Villas is another prominent Quezon City townhouse, it is developed by the Alveo Land, a prestige real estate developer in the Philippines.  Ferndale Villas provide a modern mix of duplexes and triplexes with a natural landscape and green open spaces.  So if you’re a nature lover, and you want to live with serenity and calmness, Ferndale is the perfect place for you.  Ferndale Villas is strategically located in Sampaguita Avenue, and the price of their units is Php 8,000,000 to Php 11,000,000.  

  • West Wing Residences at North Belton Communities

    West Wing Residences at North Belton Communities is a residential subdivision with an area of 2.2 hectare.  West Wing Residences offers open spaces and lush greeneries, for the residents to be more comfy and relaxed.  This Quezon City townhouse provide high-quality amenities and facilities, to make life easier and enjoyable.  West Wing Residences is strategically situated at Quirino Highway.  The price of their units is 2,800,000 to Php 5,200,000; and it just a 10 minutes’ drive away from Trinoma and North EDSA.

  • 68 Roces

    Other prominent Quezon City townhouse is the 68 Roces.  It is strategically located along Don Alejandro Roces Avenue, Bgy. Obrero.  At 68 Roces, you are assured by round-the-clock security, CCTV systems at the main entrance gate and a perimeter separating wall.  68 Roces provides green pathway stretches, giving the residents a space to walk, jog, stroll, and bike.  The price of the units at 68 Roces is Php 11,000,000 to Php 20,000,000. 

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