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Condos For Sale in Cebu, Philippines


Choosing a condo unit as a permanent residence or a vacation home is a good option, whether you’re single or with family.  Each of us has its own personal choice what type of a home we like.  Others may want to live in luxurious home while others want a simple but a comfy one.  

Some may choose to live peacefully away from the city, others may want at the heart of the metro.  In any reason, it is best to consider carefully where and what your future home would be considering this would be your haven, where you feel secured, at eased and satisfied.

This article serves as a guide and a reference for future homeowners and buyers of a condominium unit especially condos for sale in Cebu.

About Cebu City

Cebu is one of the highly developed provinces in the Philippines.  It is the center of business, education, trade and industry in the Visayas Region.  The province is also one of the top tourist destinations in the country.  The capital of the province, Cebu City, is renowned as the second biggest city and second most significant business hub in the country.

Condos for sale in Manila

In terms of economy, Cebu is home of the second international flight next to Manila and holds the biggest port in the Philippines.  About 80% of domestic and international shipping operators and shipbuilders are located in Cebu.  For these reasons, many businesses are rising in the area as well as many job opportunities are offered.

Cebu City is the oldest city being the first Spanish settlement in the country.  The city is also famous for its tourist attractions and exceptional historical value hence many local and foreign people come and visit Cebu all year round.

Cebu City is a fast growing city in the Philippines, located in the central part of Visayas.  In Cebu, you can find many attractive tourist spots, and the city also offers lots of enjoyable activities which suits everyone’s taste.  Cebu has many universities and other prominent educational institutions.  There are also many business opportunities that Cebu City could offer.   Because of that, many people from neighboring island decide to transfer and migrate in Cebu.  As a result, real estate is in great demand.

When it comes to real estate, there are array of choices that Cebu offered to capable investors.  You may choose properties on higher grounds which have amazing view of the city.  You may also invest in residential houses or condominiums that were constructed near beaches or in the heart of the city. 

Top 5 Facts

  • The cities of Cebu, Lapu-Lapu and Mandaue are often grouped with the province, but are governed independently.
  • Cebu has television and cable stations namely: Wealth Channel 28, Real Cebu Television (RCTV - 36) and the Cebu Catholic Television Network.
  • Telecommunication facilities in the city are abundant provided by some of the country's largest telecommunication companies.
  • South of the city is the South Road Properties Special Economic Zone, a large reclaimed property.
  • The average temperature in Cebu is around 24 to 32 degree Celsius.

Condominiums in Cebu

Countless visitors come and visit Cebu each year given that Cebu is the center of education business trade and industry in the Visayas and considered as one of the leading tourist destinations in the country.  For people who often come to Cebu for business or leisure, staying in a condominium is a great option.

Living and owning in condos for sale in Cebu gives a lot of credit.  Amenities are for sure one of those credits;  also its security which means your safety is insure; and nearness of establishment which means easy access whenever or whatever you need and more.

Cebu Condominium units can be rented or owned.  There are lot of condominiums in Cebu you can choose from depending on your preferences and lifestyle, whether you’re a businessman, a student, single or with family.  Most of Cebu condominiums are with incomparable quality which you’ll be satisfied.

Condo units can be yours through bank financing or in cash payment.  You may also avail the Pag-Ibig housing loan from the Home Development Mutual Fund of the government.  This type of loan is made available to Pag-Ibig members only.  Pag-Ibig Housing Loan is also available for Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW).  For further information in relation to Pag-Ibig Housing Loan and its processes, you may contact us.

If you choose to rent a Cebu Condo, there are also various units you can choose from. Usually offered at a very reasonable price.

Useful Tips in Buying a Condominium Unit

Buying a condominium for sale in Cebu is not that simple since you have to consider lot of things, such as location, security, the quality of the building – if it will last long; most importantly money – if you can sustain the monthly mortgage or rent.  Thus, don’t be in a hurry in buying a condo, give yourself time in doing some research to evaluate what's best.

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