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Townhouse for Sale in Paranaque City, Philippines


The biggest and most important decision you’ll ever make in life is when you buy a house.  Whether you are a first-time or an experienced home buyer, still there will be lots of questions and considerations that you must face.  Some of the basic questions and considerations are:  how big your home would be?  How many rooms, bathrooms, or floors?  How spacious you want your living area, dining area, and kitchen?  Do you want a home with expansive lawns?  You must also consider the location, your budget, privacy, maintenance, and responsibility.

For those who are searching for “Townhouse for Sale in Paranaque”, this article will give you knowledge about Paranaque townhouses and about Paranaque City itself.

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Townhouses in Paranaque City

Parañaque City is now a very thriving and successful city in the Philippines.  Many people are now living in Parañaque City, making this city their lifetime address.  Many real estate properties are now being developed, and one them are townhouses.  Most people prefer to live in townhouses for sale in Parañaque for them to be surrounded by wide neighborhood.

Townhouses are composed of multiple houses that are adjacently attached together with one or both sides sharing common walls.  Normally, a townhouse owner also owns the land where the house is being built.  Townhouses are sometimes called as “row houses” – they can be built as multi-storied or a single storey building structure.  Parañaque townhouses – just like condominiums – also have amenities like swimming pools, fitness gyms, playgrounds, clubhouses, parks, etc. 

One example of townhouses for sale in Parañaque City is the Woodsville Residences.  Woodsville Residences developed by Robinsons Land Corporation.  It is located at Edison Avenue, Parañaque City.  It’s just a 10-minute drive to the progressive business districts of Makati City, Fort Bonifacio Global City, and Ortigas Center.  Woodsville Residences offer units with 2 floors and with 3 bedrooms.  Each unit has their own carport and mini gardens.  Prices range from 5.9M to 7.7M.

About Paranaque City

Parañaque is one of the cities and municipalities that make up Metro Manila in the Philippines and was founded in 1572 by the Augustinian Missionaries.  Palanyag - as Parañaque was then known - is loosely translated to mean "my beloved", referring to the residents' affection for their hometown.  The City of Parañaque is famous for many things like Caracol, it is a festivity that revolves around boats.  Another is called Sabong, a form of cockfighting constrained in coliseums.  It is also known has a festival called "Sunduan Festival", which held every November during their "Parañaque Day" or "Araw ng Parañaque" celebration.

Today, Parañaque is a booming city.  Due to its proximity to the sea, Parañaque is one of the major trade and business centers in the Philippines.  Traditional livelihoods included salt-making, fishing, planting rice, shoemaking, slipper-making and weaving.  Baclaran - where a large number of dry goods stores are located - is one of the busiest markets in the country, which is located in Parañaque City.

Top 5 Facts

  • Parañaque is composed of two congressional districts and two legislative districts which are further subdivided into 16 Barangays.
  • Parañaque is also known has a festival called "Sunduan Festival".
  • Parañaque is famous for many things like Caracol, it is a festivity that revolves around boats.
  • The City of Parañaque has a diverse educational system with specializations in various academic and technical fields and is home to many schools and colleges.
  • Parañaque City like the rest of the cities of Metro Manila, also experiences a tropical climate with only two distinct seasons, wet and dry.

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