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Buyer's Guide: Paranaque Condo



Paranaque City is one of the prime cities in the Philippines.  It plays a very important role as a major trade and business center in the country.  Paranaque City has very interesting history and full of high-class amenities to cater all the people who are visiting and who made this thriving city as their permanent address.  To fill the needs of every person - especially to those who are looking for a place to stay in Paranaque City - many residential properties are now developed, most particularly condominiums. 

For those who are searching for “Paranaque Condo”, you will definitely find this article very helpful.  This article discusses about Paranaque City and also giving information about condominiums in Paranaque City.

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Condominiums in Paranaque City

Condominiums are consisting of multi-unit dwellings where each unit is individually owned by the residents.  It consists of amenities and common areas such as:  swimming pools, playgrounds, parks, lawns, fitness gyms, badminton/basketball courts, lounge areas, parks, and other recreational facilities, which are owned as one by all the unit owners.  

Paranaque condos are sometimes has its own dining components and commercial areas to give its residents a very convenient and comfortable living.  When choosing a condo unit in Paranaque City, you can choose from 1 to 4 bedroom units, units with balcony or private gardens, units with 1 floor or 2 floors, etc.

Compared to townhouses, condominiums are more convenient, affordable, and safe.  If you choose to own a condo unit, you will have a big chance to own a condo unit near important places that you often visit like: workplaces, shopping malls, restaurants, schools, etc.  You will also have a big chance to have a unit that you can call your own at the center of the city.  Unlike townhouses, it will be difficult and impossible for you to find a unit at the heart of city and near your places of interest.  Usually condominiums turn out to be more affordable than townhouses. This is mainly due to the cost of land since when you purchase a townhouse, you will also pay for the land where the building structure is built, which makes it more expensive. 

Finding a condo unit in Paranaque City is very easy.  You will have many choices of Paranaque condos for sale, units that are rent-to-own, and unit for lease.  Examples of condominiums located in Paranaque City are the Woodsville Viverde Mansions and Avida Towers Sucat.

Woodsville Viverde Mansions is a development of Robinsons Land Corporation located at West Service Road, Paranaque City.  It is only a 10-minute drive from Makati City – the Philippines financial and business district.  It offers Studio Unit and 2 to 3 bedroom units with prices ranging from 1.5M to 6.7M.  Avida Towers Sucat is another development of Avida Land in Paranaque City.  It is located at Dr. A. Santos avenue (formerly Sucat Avenue), Paranaque City.  Residents may enjoy the proximity to the airport and to different commercial establishments.  It offers Studio Unit and 1 to 2 bedroom units.  Unit prices range from 1.5M to 4.2M.

About Paranaque City

Paranaque is one of the cities that comprise Metro Manila in the Philippines and classified as one of a highly urbanized city.  Like the rest of Metro Manila, Paranaque experiences a tropical climate with only two distinct seasons - wet and dry.  It is one of the major trade and business center in the country due to its closeness to the sea, the Manila Bay.  The city has so much to offer, it is known for the Sunduan Festival, Caracol or festivity of boats, a bird sanctuary and home of the Pagcor City and more.  

The city of Paranaque is very much accessible, it is served by the LRT-1 and by 3 major roads - the South Luzon Expressway, Coastal Road, and Metro Manila Skyway.  It is also the location of the country's international airport - Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 1 (NAIA).  

The latest development of Paranaque City is the coastal reclamation in its western front.  Named "Boulevard 2000" the project's blueprint basically sets up a new major business district to rival its counterparts not just in Metro Manila but in the other cities within the Asia-Pacific region.  When this project is completed, definitely more companies are expected to make Paranaque their corporate headquarters in the Philippines.

Top 5 Facts

  • Parañaque experiences a tropical climate with only two distinct seasons, wet and dry.
  • Parañaque became one of the first municipalities in the Metro Manila region during the American occupation of the Philippines.
  • Parañaque's Entertainment City Manila or simply Pagcor City is Asia's Las Vegas.
  • Parañaque is a "Bird Sanctuary" home of migratory birds from neighboring Asian country during winter season.
  • Parañaque's Shrine of Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Baclaran continues to be the most attended church in Asia. 

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