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Tagaytay Condos (Philippines)


Tagaytay City is situated in the province of Cavite, Philippines.  If you want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of Metro Manila, Tagaytay City is a good choice. Along with that,  it is only 60 kilometers away from city center.  It also offers a relaxing and refreshing feeling environment.  Why?  This city has a cool temperature and is surrounded by lush greenery.  The mountains of Tagaytay City will give you a view of Taal Volcano which is surrounded by Taal Lake.   It is likely to take your breath away with its magnificent view.  You can also see the neighboring provinces in the distance below,  like Batangas, Laguna, Quezon and Cavite. 

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There are many commercial establishments that have set up home in Tagaytay City; such as hotels, restaurants, shopping malls and many more industrial centers.  Many condominiums and townhouses are under construction today since there is a strong demand for real estate in the city.

Top 5 Facts

  • Tagaytay City is covered by hills and mountains which is mostly open grasslands and forests specially the southern and eastern part.
  • Tagaytay City has a cool and invigorating climate with an average temperature of 22.7 °C (72.9 °F).
  • The word Tagaytay came from "taga" meaning to cut and "itay" which means father.
  • Tagaytay City is linked by national highways to the Metropolitan Manila Area and to the provinces of Batangas and Laguna.
  • Tagaytay City is recognized as the country's second Summer Capital next to Baguio.

Buyer Advice

Be aware that Tagaytay condos come at a premium compared to other areas in the region.  This has to do with the amazing views that seem to draw retirees and working professionals from around the world.  It's a short trip to Metro Manila, making it a desirable location to be in.  There are pockets of affordability within the region though, so please contact me if you need help finding them.

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