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San Juan Condo (Manila, Philippines)


San Juan City is located in the island of Luzon, Philippines, and it is one of the cities that form Metro Manila.  This city is bordered by Manila on the west, Quezon City on the north and east, and Mandaluyong on the south.  Among the metropolis, San Juan City is one of the smallest city and second to Pateros.  The City was named after St. John the Baptist, their patron saint, and their feast is every June 24.  

Townhouses Manila

Pinaglabanan Shrine is one of the most interesting and known place in the city, took place in the opening of the Philippine Revolution in 1896.  In terms of social prominence, economic progress, tourism, and cultural, San Juan City is quite successful, even though its area is very small.

 Top 5 Facts

  • San Juan is a city in Metro Manila, Philippines.
  • The first battle of the Philippine Revolution that achieved independence from Spain, began in San Juan in 1898.
  • The city of San Juan could also be called the "Town of Philippine Presidents".
  • San Juan is known for its celebration of the feast of their patron, St. John the Baptist every June 24.
  •  Among the many interesting places in San Juan is the Pinaglabanan Shrine.

Buyer Advice

When in search of a San Juan condo for sale in Metro Manila, Philippines, the important to keep aware of is that the condo prices range from middle-market to luxury.  The total price really depends on what features/amenities you desire.  There's no wrong way to execute the search, but you do need to be sure of what you want before you start.  If you have questions on what options to consider, please contact me below and I can help you.

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