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Quezon City Condo For Sale (Philippines)


It is expected that there is a great demand in terms of real estate facilities in Quezon City, since this city is the largest city in the Philippines.  Other reason that Quezon City is also on the rise regarding real estate is because they offer a more affordable but with high quality services to their clients.  Quezon City is entitled to be one of the most crowded cities in the country, so obviously there are many establishments build around the city to provide those people’s demands.  Quezon City is formerly the Capital of the Philippines, and the place named after one of the former President in the country, President Manuel L. Quezon.  Quezon City is primarily residential, so if you’re one of those growing families that searching for a nice place to start and live in, Quezon City is the right place.

Mandaluyong Condominium

Top 5 Facts

  • In 1938, President Quezon made a decision to push for a new capital city.
  • Before Quezon City was created, it was composed of small individual towns.
  • The city government developed a database system that now contains around 400,000 property units with capability to record payments.
  • The commercial center of the city is in Cubao where many shopping malls and the Aurora Tower can be found.
  • Quezon City was made an episcopal see for two new Catholic dioceses: Cubao and Novaliches.

Buyer Advice

For buyers interested in a Quezon city condo for sale, the important thing to keep in mind is that the area is extremely large.  Distance between developments, and the large number of different models available can make your head spin.  Narrowing your interests down to the most important features & locations you want will help make the condo search process a bit easier for you.  Having a good Broker/Agent help you with the search is definitely not an option you want to forego.

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