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Condos in Quezon City, Philippines


The largest city in the Philippines is Quezon City.  This city is situated in Luzon island and considered as the most populous city in Metro Manila.  Quezon City has a great demand for real estate than the other leading cities in Metro Manila because it offers more affordable real estate projects.  It is awarded as one of the top 10 "Asian Cities of the Future", joined by Singapore, Hong Kong and Taipei based in a survey of 200 Asian cities conducted in 2007 by the AsiaBiz Strategy.  

Manila Condominium

There are lots of interesting places in Quezon City that residents and visitors may enjoy.  You will be fascinated by 2,830 amusements and recreational centers, including 60 cinemas, most cinemas are located inside shopping malls, 13,700 eating establishments, and 2,955 beauty salons.  You won't worry if your fitness is your focus because the city has 129 physical fitness centers and 12 health clubs.

Top 4 Facts

  • Quezon City was ranked no. 7 as the "Asian Cities of the Future" in a survey of 200 Asian cities conducted in 2007 by the AsiaBiz Strategy.
  • Quezon City is the largest city of Metropolitan Manila.
  • Quezon City is one of the largest sources of manpower in the Philippines.
  • Most of the areas in Quezon City is residential.

Buyer Advice

For prospective buyers interested in condos in Quezon City, the budget is the first aspect to take into account.  Real estate is in-demand in the area, and this competition for land area is what drives up the prices.  Along with the more expensive land, the area also is host to premier luxury builders that produce top-market condos.  If you are a luxury buyer interested in a property then you will likely be very happy with the inventory.  However, if your goal is to find a budget condo that fits your budget better, then please contact me and we can get an affordable list of Quezon condos together for you.

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