Laguna Condos & Townhouses For Sale - Philippines

Condos in Laguna

Condominiums in Laguna, Philippines Intro Laguna is part of the CALABARZON or Region IV-A, and is the third largest province in the said region.  It is located 30 kilometers sou......... more »

Laguna Condos

Laguna Condos (Philippines) Intro Laguna originated its name from the word “La Laguna” which means lake.  The lake refers to the Laguna Bay, which is the largest inland body......... more »

Laguna Condo

Laguna Condo (Philippines) Intro Laguna is located on the southern shores of Laguna de Bay, and Laguna de Bay is the largest lake in the Philippines.  The capital of Laguna is S......... more »


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