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Laguna Condos (Philippines)


Laguna originated its name from the word “La Laguna” which means lake.  The lake refers to the Laguna Bay, which is the largest inland body of water in the Philippines, and became the province’s northern boundary.  Laguna has no definite seasons, the different areas of the province differs in climate.  But the climate in the mountainous parts is cool, and the plains are quite warmer.  

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The center of commerce in Laguna is agriculture and fishery, which provides an enormous part in the provincial economy.  The greatest natural resource of Laguna is water, so insufficiency of water would not be a problem.  Thus, if you love green, if you love nature, suite yourself in Laguna!

 Top 5 Facts

  • Laguna actively supported the first Philippine Republic proclaimed at Malolos on January 23, 1899.
  • Laguna's greatest natural resource is water.
  • Laguna is subdivided into 25 municipalities and 6 cities.
  • The province is also the second-largest producer of coconuts in the country.
  • The province has a metropolitan area namely the Laguna West Metro.

Buyer Advice

Laguna is a mid-market to top-market area in terms of condo pricing.  Laguna condos are priced usually on their location to the lake, and other nice countryside areas.  If you want affordable, there are areas for that.  If you want a high-quality Laguna condominium, you can get closer to the lake, and pay the higher prices that come along with that.   In any case, just choosing the right area is the first step when condo shopping for a condo in Laguna.

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    I’d like to rent a condo for 3-4 weeks in the October/November timeframe. I’m looking for a place that’s furnished, has a stove, 2 bedrooms a shower and is close to shopping. Do you have anything that meets those specifications? If you have more than one condo that fits, please include all listings and provide me with the website info. Thanks.

    R, Marcus

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