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Condo Pasig City, Philippines


Some of us may find buying a condo unit an exciting experience and others find it so difficult.  This article will give you some ideas about buying a condo unit, especially those who are searching for “Condo Pasig”.  This article also talks about Pasig City.

When buying a condo unit, you would literally expect that there would be several questions and considerations that you must face.  Questions like:  how big your condo unit you want it to be?  How many rooms you need?  Would you want to buy a condo unit with 2 floors?  Size of a condo unit is very important.  Figure out what size you want your condo unit would be and think if it is already big enough for your needs now and in the future.  When buying a condo unit, you also need to know how much you can afford for you to survive paying the monthly mortgage for how many months or years. 

Location is the most important factor when buying a condo unit.  Do you want your condo unit to be near your workplace, schools, malls, restaurants, etc. for you to save time traveling?  Do you want to be at the center of the city where everything you want and need is just a stone’s throw away?  Or do you want to live away from the city and prefer to live close to nature?

Makati condos

These are just some of the questions and considerations when buying a condo unit.  Spend more time to search for a condo unit and make sure that when you buy it, it’s definitely what you want and need.  Keep in mind that this will be your biggest investment in your life and you want to make sure you won’t have any regrets in the future.

Pasig City Condominiums

Pasig is now a very successful city in Metro Manila.  In terms of real estate properties and commercial developments, Pasig City is on the rise.  You will find these developments along Marcos Highway, Mercedes Avenue, and other areas of the city.  The most in-demand residential development in Pasig City are condominiums.  The Pearl Place and East of Galleria are some examples of condos in Pasig.  These are both developed by Robinsons Land Corporation. 

The Pearl Place is designed inspired by Modern Art Deco.  It offers Studio Unit and 1-2 Bedroom units.  Unit prices range from 1.7M – 4.2M.  The Pearl Place is located at Pearl Drive in Pasig City.  East of Galleria is located along Topaz Road in Pasig City.  Residents will enjoy the proximity to notable shopping malls like the Megamall, The Podium, and Shangri-La Plaza.  At East of Galleria, you will also enjoy the magnificent views of the bay and Wack Wack Golf Course.  East of Galleria offers 1-2 Bedroom Flats and 1-3 Bedroom Lofts.  Unit prices range from 4.4M – 10.3M.

About Pasig City

Pasig City is one of the cities of Metro Manila, Philippines.  It was the former capital of the province of Rizal, bordered on the north by Marikina City, south by Makati, Pateros and Taguig City, on the west by Quezon and Mandaluyong City, and to the east by Antipolo City.  The name "Pasig" is believed as an old Sanskrit meaning "river flowing from one body of water to another" , which shortly describes the Pasig River since the river flows from Laguna de Bay to Manila Bay.

Pasig’s financial resources are mainly focused in the western part of the city, and the eastern part was mostly dominated with residential areas.  And in the past few years, many establishments emerged in Pasig city, such as warehouses, factories, and other commercial facilities.  Real Estates also took part of such developments.

Rainforest Park is located at barangay Maybunga in Pasig City.  This 8-hectare Central Park is the most famous park in the city, and it is used for leisure, sports, and educational activities.  Rainforest Park also offers sports oval, multipurpose center, camping grounds, and a forest reserve.  It also has a water park with cottages, cabanas, kiosks, and more resort facilities.  Currently, Rainforest Park was added facilities like:  mini zoo, senior citizen’s park, pavilion, and amphitheater.

Top 5 Facts

  • Rizal High School (RHS) is located in Pasig City, it is one of the largest institution with the world's largest secondary education by student population.
  • Pasig City was also called “prick” by Chinese in Bassanio, Manila.
  • In July 1994, Pasig City was converted into a highly urbanized city through Republic Act 7829.
  • Pasig City is politically subdivided into 30 barangays.
  • The barangay of San Antonio is the largest income-generated government unit of Pasig and in the Philippines.

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