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Condo Ortigas, Philippines


All of us want to live in a house that we can really call a home.  A house that would provide all our needs and wants wherein our family could live comfortably.  But it takes a lot of struggle to achieve such a desire.  Owning a house or a real estate property is difficult, since it will involve a lot of money.  Especially now that most of us are facing financial problems.  Most of us work harder in order to achieve such goals, and improve our lifestyles.  

This article will give you tips and other information about owning a condominium unit especially in Ortigas Center.

About Ortigas Center

Ortigas center is located along the edge of Quezon City to the north, Pasig City to the east, and Mandaluyong City to the west.  After Makati City, this district is Metro Manila's second most essential Philippine Financial and Central Business district.  From the Makati Central Business District, it will take about 20 minutes drive and three minutes only from Epifanio Delos Santos Avenue or known as EDSA, the Philippine capital's main thoroughfare.

Ortigas Center is known to be a haven of commercial and residential establishments.  It is the second most valuable hub in the Philippines, and it is strategically located at the heart of the Metro.  Ortigas is now successful because their commercial and residential hubs complement with each other, which creates a harmony for the residents in Ortigas.  As a result, many Filipinos and foreigners want to live there; and many investors want to invest in Ortigas. 

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Today, Ortigas is still on the move to innovate and introduce new bright ideas.  Creating value in order to improve the lifestyles of our dear Filipinos, and to fulfill their needs and desires. 

Top 5 Facts

  • The district is located at the boundaries of Pasig City, Mandaluyong City, and Quezon City.
  • Ortigas center is a home of Banco de Oro main office owned by mall taipan Henry Sy, Sr.
  • Ortigas center is governed by Ortigas Center Association, Inc.
  • Present in the area are Philippine offices of prominent engineering firms such as Parsons Brinckerhoff, Sinclair Knight Merz, and WSP Group.
  • The Ortigas Center has come into its own as a premiere business and commercial district in the Philippine metropolis of Metro Manila.

Tips in Choosing a Condo Unit in Ortigas

When choosing a new home to live in, there are many things that you must consider.  You must internalize and plan first.  You are probably excited to buy the property immediately. But chill, you must think it through.   Because buying a real estate property like condo Ortigas is not the same as buying a gadget.  If you don’t like it anymore, you can dispose of it easily because it doesn’t cost you so much.  But when it comes to acquisition of real estate property, take time to read this so that you would not regret and your money would not be put to waste.

The first thing that you must consider is the location.  The location must be very accessible from many commercial establishments, schools, hospitals and other important places.  If you’re working, you should really choose a condo Ortigas that is near to your working place, in order for you not to be late, and to be free from hassle.  If you’re a student, obviously your unit must be near the university or school that you’ve enrolled from.  You must not choose a unit that takes an hour to your daily destination.  That would be so silly, we must be practical.  Since transportation fares are now increasing, non-stop increasing!  Other thing, time is gold, we must not waste time by just transporting back and forth every day.  Instead of using your hour in transporting, use it to an activity that you would gain.

The second thing that you must consider is the price.  Of course, price is very important.  When you go shopping for some clothes or things, you always check the tag to see how much the price is.  It’s the same thing in choosing a real estate property like condo Ortigas.  Check the price to see if it is affordable for you or not.  Make sure that you can pay such an amount in the future, so that in the long run you will not have a problem in paying it.  Because financial problems are really hard to solve.  I tell you, it’s not easy to find money.  Especially if there’s a term or a date that you must already pay it,  you will  go insane.  It would result in a lot of loans, and it would be another future liability for you.  So be sure that you can afford the price that they offer.

The third thing that you must consider is the amenities that they offer.  You must check the amenities and facilities they have before acquiring it.  But the amenities and facilities that they have will also depend on the price that they offer.  Usually, amenities offered and the price corresponds with each other.  If the price is lower, expect that their amenities to not be that good.  Good, but not really luxurious.  But if the price is high, then the amenities and facilities are probably great.  Living in a luxury life must be expected.

Top 5 Known Condominiums in Ortigas

The Grove is one of the prominent condominiums in Ortigas.  It is strategically located at E Rodriguez Ave, Ortigas, Pasig City.  The Grove is near to prestige schools and universities, and specifically built for young urbanites and students.  This establishment was launched in the year 2008, and its property has an area of 5.4 hectares.  The Grove offers high quality amenities and facilities for their clients to achieve total satisfaction. At The Grove, you will experience a resort-in-the-city ambiance.  This condominium offers studio units, which have 24 floors, and its price is Php 2,320,000 or Php 110,476 per square meters.

The Pearl Place offers you a Modern Art Deco inspired Architectural Design.  They feature high-class facilities for the residents to live with ease and comfort.  At Pearl Place, you will experience the sub-urban living in the center of the active city.  It is strategically situated in the heart of the Ortigas Central Business District.  This development is a 34 storey building, on top of a multi-level podium.  It has a price of Php 1,700,000 or Php 70,833 per square meters.

The Currency is another prestige condominium in Ortigas.  It is the first development that offers both office and residential loft at the Ortigas Business District.  The Currency has a 36 floors and the price of each unit is more or less Php 2,546,350 or Php 101,854 per square meters.  This development is on the move in innovating something for the betterment of the property.  Currency’s target buyers are mostly the young entrepreneurs who want an accessible home, which provides for hassle-free transportation to work.  For those who want a synergized lifestyle, The Currency really fits for you.  They also guarantee high-class leisure facilities, which will make your life at ease.

Vimana Verde Residences, a 7 storey building that offers 1 bedroom & 2 bedroom units.  The price of each unit is more or less Php 6,200,000 and Php 86,111 per square meters.  It’s quite expensive compared to other condominiums in Ortigas.  Vimana Verde Residences assures that each of their residents would receive total satisfaction of their services.  At Vimana Verde, you're free to create your own design.  You can customize your new home to the style that you want, giving you a more comfortable place to live in.  

Eton Emerald Lofts is a 41 storey building, which strategically situated at the heart of the city.  Units at Eton Emerald have a price of more or less Php 3,352,499 and Php 93,499 per square meters.  Like other prestige condominiums in Ortigas, Eton Emerald Lofts also offers top-class amenities that every resident would really enjoy.  Such as swimming pool, Fitness Gym, Children’s Play Area, Spa, Coffee Shop, Casual Dining, Beauty Salon, Convenience Store and others.  For those who are modern city dwellers, Eton Emerald Lofts is the perfect place for you.

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