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Baguio Condos For Sale (Philippines)


Baguio city is settled on top of the Cordillera Mountains which is situated in the province of Benguet.  It is known to be the Summer Capital of the Philippines because of its cool temperature that most cities of the country don't have.  It is also popularly called as The City of Pines because pine trees are lavishly spread throughout the city of Baguio.  There are many tourist attractions in Baguio City, most of them are known to be the famous tourist attractions in the Philippines.  

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In terms of education, Baguio City is the home of the most prime universities, such as University of the Philippines, Saint Louis University, University of Baguio and University of the Cordilleras.  Today, the city of Baguio is rapidly growing, that's why many people either local or foreign prefer to live or invest in businesses such as restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, condominiums, townhouses and more.

Top 5 Facts

  • Baguio is known for its cool climate.
  • Baguio City’s prevalent language is Ilocano.
  • Baguio City is known to be the Education Center of the North.
  • Baguio City is known to be the home of famous tourist attractions in the Philippines.
  • Baguio City is the Summer Capital of the Philippines.

Buyer Advice: Baguio Condos

If one is searching for Baguio condos for sale within their budget, it need not be an impossible task. Baguio City has both high-quality & budget condos.  The important thing is to identify what you want to spend, and then to choose condos accordingly.  I can help you with the process, so don't worry too much about finding the exact area or development by yourself.

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