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Buyer's Guide: Ayala Condo


Ayala Alabang Village remains the most in-demand residential development in Metro South for almost 30 years, because of its premier location, high standard facilities and accessible to other districts.  This village is located in Barangay Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa City, Philippines, bordered by Las Piňas City, Paraňaque City, and Bacoor, Cavite.  Ayala Alabang Village is famous for its bird sanctuary, it has more than 60 known species that live in the scattered well-developed trees around the village.  In terms of water, this village is autonomous, they have their own water reservoirs, deep wells, and Sewage Treatment Plant.  

Condo Cebu City

The village of Ayala Alabang has a capacity of 5,500 homes, 4283 homes are already occupied, and the remaining are still under construction.  Ayala Alabang Village Association collaborates with the Parish of St. James the Great and Barangay Ayala Alabang, in order to guarantee that all the residents there would be satisfied, and have a peaceful living.

Top 5 Facts

  • Alabang Village has three main gates all located along Commerce Avenue, namely the Acacia, Madrigal Gate, and Mindanao Gate.
  • It is also home to an estimated population of 27,000 residents.
  • The village has a built-up capacity of close to 5,500 homes.
  • It has an area of approximately 700 hectares.
  • It is connected by a network of 70 kilometers of concrete roads.

Buyer Advice: Ayala Condos

If you're looking to purchase an Ayala condo in the Ayala Alabang area, you need to be prepared to pay top-notch prices for high-quality real estate.  These are not middle-market properties, but rather top-of-market fare.  I recommend Ayala Alabang condos for any buyers who are ready to pay top dollar for top quality.

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