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Townhouse Makati City, Philippines


Because making a living is hard, it is therefore important for a person to take care and consider carefully where he/she invest the money.  People work hard because of all their needs and wants: clothing, food, shelter, hobbies, stuff they're into, stuff for their loved ones, stuff for all their other stuff, and so on and so forth!  We can't seem to stop buying things.

Of course, one of the biggest investments in life is acquiring a permanent place to stay.  It is normal for people to expect their residence - their homes - to feel like a home, to relax, a place to enjoy with their loved ones, and a refuge to settle down a tired body and mind after a hard day's work.

When making a decision as to where you want your permanent residence to be, it is always good to consider the proximity of your workplace to your residence.  This isn't always easy, given the living conditions in Manila - its vastness, the traffic jams, and the hundreds of residential units to choose from.  There will be a lot of decisions to make to pare down your choices as to which residence or location in Metro Manila you are going to settle in.

The things that you need to consider are generally the pros and cons of each place, and of course, whether you have the financial capacity of owning one yourself.  Never rush while making your decisions in this area of your life.  The article below provides readers with general and practical information about acquiring a residence in Metro Manila, particularly Makati City, and also features essential information about townhouses that can be found in Makati.  It also details important information about the most affordable townhouse Makati that are up for rent or for sale within the area, places where buyers might find their preferred type of townhouse within that busy business district.

The Makati City

Known as the "Wall Street of the Philippines", the Makati Business District houses most of the country's biggest corporations and their headquarters, and is known as the premier business, financial, and economic district in the country.  It is the home of the Philippine Stock Exchange and the influential Makati Business Club.  It is also one of the most modern cities in the country, as evidenced by its numerous skyscrapers and urban infrastructure.

Makati City is one of the 16 cities comprising Metro Manila, and is surrounded by the cities of Manila, Taguig, Mandaluyong, and Pasig.  Yet Makati City is not all business.  Aside from being a business district, it has also the distinction of having the best entertainment establishments in the country.  In Makati, you will find all kinds of shopping malls, bordered by an endless row of skyscrapers, high-rise buildings, condominiums, and townhouses.

Cebu townhouse for sale

Makati City was not always this affluent.  In the earlier periods such as the Colonial Era, Makati City was one of the poorest in Metro Manila.  However, it rose to become the premier business district of the country, and so it's not at all surprising to see many businessmen, expats, and other foreigners working and making a living there in Makati.  Makati, as we said, is not all business; it also boasts of some of the finest entertainment and pleasure areas in the country.  You will always find relaxing places to stay in Makati after a hard day's work.  There are many shopping and dining areas, as well as movie houses and theaters where you can watch nightly performances.

In Makati are various business and employment opportunities waiting for everyone.  Most of the businesses here are comprised of local, international, and multinational businesses, so there are always opportunities for work in this business district.  You can find many banks in this business area, and these are mostly the main offices and headquarters of the banks operating in the entire Philippines.  There are hotels, shopping malls, schools and other kinds of businesses as well where you can find potential employment stints.

Consider a Few Things When Buying a Condo

The next thing you need to consider, if you're seriously considering Makati to be your permanent address, is a real place to stay.  You need a place that will take off the stress from you; a place where you can relax and be yourself.  Makati townhouses might be the ideal place of residence for you, whether you are living alone or living with your family.  If you work in Makati, it is only logical to find residence and live there, instead of always commuting back and forth to distant locations.  It is always practical to be very near the place of your work.  In this regard, it is only natural for residence finders to consider townhouses Makati as their long-term abode in the city.

Living in Makati is also very practical for people with families, since the reduced time going to and fro at your place of work will allow you to have more time with your family.  It will give you more time to spend dinner with your kids, play, watch TV, and even go to movie houses with them.  You can even take your kids to school in the morning because you'll have plenty of time to do so.  With a place of residence in near proximity to your work, it will allow you to spend more quality time with your family, provided you don't have to work overtime.

This is where a townhouse in that city center comes in.  You can avail of a townhouse in Makati and you can own the land where the townhouse sits as well, in contrast to a city condominium where you can only own the unit itself.  Condominiums in the city are sometimes built into high-rise towers that are sometimes more than 14 storeys in height.  This is not really an ideal place for children to live, unlike a townhouse which commonly features one or two floors, which are arguably more safer for children to play around.

Another advantage of a townhouse Makati is that groups of townhouse units are located in highly-secure villages, such as the Dasmarinas Village, which is known for its security and safety features.  Other examples of this are Bel Air, Forbes Park and Ecology, and others.  These kinds of townhouse villages have their own gates, walls, and security personnel so that non-homeowners won't easily get in.  What this means is that, if you have a family, they can enjoy the benefit of increased safety as opposed to condominiums and other types of residences.  Your children can even play in the townhouse village park if you wish, without you worrying.  Like condominiums, townhouse villages feature a common amenities like the aforementioned central park, playgrounds for children, clubhouses, swimming pools, fitness and gym centers, sport facilities and the like.  Many Makati townhouses have a complete range of these in-village facilities.

As we said before, living in a Makati townhouse can save you a lot of travel time since it's just near to your workplace in Makati.  This saves you from a lot of headache of having to deal with the horrendous Manila traffic and the distance it takes from your residence to your place of work.  Imagine having all of these problems being eliminated in your daily commute, and you could concentrate more of your work and with your family, and not have your life reduce to just commuting around the city!

Aside from these benefits, living in a Makati townhouse will afford you the opportunity of being closer to more luxurious amenities and world class establishments such as shopping malls, which surround the Makati area.

These are benefits that you can really avail.  Good example of these are the elegant Power Plant Mall in the Ayala Center and the luxurious and high-class GreenBelt 5 (located at the center of Makati's central business district).  If you are looking for shopping malls for middle class earners within the area, well, the good news is that they exist in that luxurious place.  They are there for people who prefer more affordable and economical shopping.  Some of them include Landmark, SM City Makati, and Glorietta Centers.

If you have a family and have kids and children, you might be concerned whether a townhouse is located near schools, universities, and other educational centers.  For most Makati townhouses in the area, this is not quite a problem, as townhouses are intended to be near these schools to maximize their marketability.  Townhouse Makati in particular are near to the best pre-school, elementary, and high schools centers in the country, as well as college institutions.  There are even universities that offer post-graduate courses that your adult children can avail of.  Makati townhomes have that kind of benefit.

Some of the schools that are near townhouses are: Don Bosco Technical Institute, Asia Pacific College, Colegio San Agustin, Asian Institute of Management, University of Makati, and Assumption College.  The Makati Science High School and Benigno Aquino High School is also there for secondary school students.

How to Purchase a Townhouse in Makati City

Availing of a townhouse in Makati will largely be conditional on your financial capacity and of course your preferences.  You also need to consider that you'll be buying a permanent (or semi-permanent) location within a highly urbanized city, and things such as the practicality and cost of the townhouse should be taken into account as well.  Perhaps you also might want a retirement house outside the city, since Makati townhouses are really situated in highly-urbanized areas.

Aside from these, you also have your personal and family preferences.  This include how big the townhouse should be, how many rooms, bathrooms, how large the dining hall or the sala should be, or will it have maid's quarters, carport, pet zone, and all these stuff.

Most importantly, you need to decide whether a particular Makati townhouse will fit into your budget or not.  Mind your financial capacity and try to scout very carefully for townhouses with the right price and cost considerations, as acquiring a townhouse is a pretty big investment for most people, even for the upper class folks

The rental fees for various Makati townhouses may differ from one another.  For instance, a 250-square meter townhouse which has two bedrooms may fetch for around P65,000 per month, while another three-bedroom townhouse with 150-square meters in it can be rented for up to P55,000 a month.

Compare these with a relatively small 85-square meter Makati townhouse, with 2 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, and will cost P35,000 a month.  Another example would be a Bel Air Makati duplex townhouse which costs about P50,000 or 1,135 USD, and which has 4 bedrooms and a lot area of about 250 square meters.  Choosing and buying your own townhouse is much more of a breeze since there are a lot of them to choose form.

It is worth taking note that there are certain townhouses that are offered at much lower prices, and these usually have the "rush sale" status.  An example of this is a San Antonio Village, townhouse Makati at St. Paul Road, which amounts up to P3.6 million.

When it comes to interior designing, this kind of unit is designated as a "bare unit", meaning, it doesn't have any kind of painting done on the walls.  When it's yours, you can paint the walls in whatever color and scheme you want.  This 3-storey house consists of 4 bedrooms and 3 toilets and bathrooms, all-in-all having an area of 119.72 square meters.  The good news is, the prices for these rush sale townhouses can still be negotiated with.

There are several modes of payment when you avail of Makati townhouses.  The most common of course is on-cash basis, and if you decide to pay with cash outright, you can get discounts from the sellers/developers.  Another option would be to pay through bank financing, or even in-house financing services that are being offered by the developers.

There are other outside modes of payment like availing a Pag-Ibig housing loan which is operated by the government's Home Development Mutual Fund.  This, however, is available to members of Pag-Ibig only. If the buyer of the townhouse is a Pag-Ibig member however, he/she may avail of the loan if at least 24 months worth of member's contribution (or at least P4,800) has been paid.  Each contribution per month is worth P200.  For employed buyers, half of that monthly contribution is shouldered by the employer. A buyer can be a self-employed or voluntary member.  If you are classified as this type, you are expected to pay the full P200 monthly contribution.  This kind of Pag-Ibig Housing Loan is also available for overseas foreign workers.

One should be deliberately thorough enough when buying a townhouses Makati; thinking over the possibilities and the pros and cons of each type of townhouse in consideration.  You may need to compare the cost of each townhouse, compared to the relative benefits that that townhouse brings: its location, its price, amenities, additional benefits, and so on.  You also have to consider if the payment scheme, such as the down payment, loan cost, and total contract price will be well within your planned budget.  If you plan to rent, you also have to take into account the deposit, advancement payment, or the cost of rental fee every month.

Always try to analyze your preferences - what you really need or expect from your ideal townhouse.  Take into account your needs and then try to calculate the costs of owning such, since owning a Makati townhouse is quite an investment.  One needs to choose wisely.

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    Please email townhouses in Makati with 2-3 bedrooms please. Thanks.


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    Please email a quotation for 3 bedroom in Makati area, thanks.

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      Hi Giselle,

      I just emailed you (a few minutes ago) a list of all the 3-bedrooms we have in Makati.

      Please reply to that email, and we can move forward to the next step.

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    Hi Lyn,

    Would you have rent to own town houses that are affordable and offers no DP (or terms). I am interested to have one at the Makati or Taguig Areas…


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      Hi Leo, (I emailed you back)

      Rent to own homes are very rare in the upscale Makati and Taguig areas.

      However, I can refer you to someone that can help.

      Pleaes reply to the email I sent to you. Thank You.

  4. cherry:

    I am a single mother with 3 children ( 8yrs old, 10yrs old and a 12 yrs old). A friend referred to me this site because this is where he got his beautiful townhouse wherein he is staying presently. For that matter, I am looking for a townhouse which is located in the suburbs but still not far from school and the grocers ( I mean the supermarket). Please help and God Bless.

  5. Wendy:

    We are scheduled to move out within the end of the month of June. And we agreed with my partner to rent a townhouse. It must have spacious, light and airy bedrooms; large kitchen and living room; sparkling clean toilet and bath; and it must not be far from the city.

    Can you help us with this need? Thank you in advance and more power to you.

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      Hi Wendy,

      I would be happy to help you with this. I have several listings for townhouses but I would need to know your preferred location. For the mean time I will email you today the listings that I have. Thanks.

  6. Linda:

    I want to own a townhouse one within Makati and the other one in the suburbs. These two townhouses must have 3 spacious and airy bedrooms either with individual toilet and bath or with at least two bathrooms. Plus the house must have a convenient laundry area.

    Thanks and let me know if you found any as we want to move as soon as possible. Meanwhile, please furnish me a list of pertinent papers needed in this negotiation.

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      Hi Linda,

      Thanks for giving me an idea with your preferred units. I need to know your budget to make sure I would offer the best townhouses that would fit your need and pocket. I’ve emailed you the details. God bless.

  7. AJ:

    I am interested about townhouses that are place on “rush sale”, aside from the aforementioned places that was stated in your text – is there any other townhouses that are place on “rush sale”?

    Another, if a townhouse is place on a rush sale – does it mean that it is already a “fixer upper” because it sounds like cheap.

    • :

      Hi AJ,

      A rush sale property doesn’t automatically mean that it’s a fixer upper. Most of the time the owner needs an urgent cash and therefore sells their property in a lower price. It’s more of like a bargain sell. However, I will strongly recommend that you personally visit the a rush property that you are eyeing to see for yourself how was it. I will email you with my listings. Thanks.

  8. Ada:

    I need your sound advice and from that sound counsel of yours I will definitely make a thorough negotiation right away. If I’m going to live in a townhouse with three small children is it possible that the townhouse need not to have a second floor instead it would be bungalow-type residence. Because as far to my knowledge usually townhouses are mostly consist with 3 or 4 floors and I’m afraid that my children are prone to accidents. Pls help I’m confuse.

  9. andy:

    I am meticulously concern about the traffic flow in Makati but I love the idea of doing business in this place. Having the thought of businessmen like me prosper in spite of the fact that the economy is somewhat dwindling due to economic crisis. however, here (Makati) it seems that business is flourishing. Now, going back to my question, is there any time of the day that traffic here in Makati is not too heavy? And what time it is jampacked with vehicles?
    Lastly, I’m planning to rent a townhouse in the suburbs that’s why I was asking about the traffic – since, I’m staying here for a couple of months. I would like to have 2 spacious bedrooms and a big kitchen and the back and front lawn (if there is any) is full of trees. If not, then, I prefer an environment that is not too noisy. Can you help me with this please?

    • :

      Hi Andy,

      I’m glad to hear that you love doing business in Makati. You are really right that Makati and the Philippines itself is booming right now. And as these happen congested traffic flow in developed areas are expected. Rush hours are normally before 8 am which is the start of office hours and around 5 pm when offices close. So it’s best to be travel early in the morning and later at night.

      Also, I have emailed you your options with regards to renting a townhouse. Thanks

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