How does your Referral Program work?

The whole process is actually very simple:

1. Just refer a client’s phone and/or email to us, and we take over from there.

2. A Property Consultant will call or email your client to make first contact and to find out their needs. The Consultant then liaises with the Philippine Broker to find the properties they desire.

3. Once your Client has moved passed the ‘Property Search’ stage, then the Philippine Broker takes over to assist them with showings and closing the transaction.

4. After the clients ‘closes’ on the property, you will receive your referral payout shortly after.

How do I get paid?

Referrals get paid to you by the Property Consultant’s office. Please note that the referral payout is not coming from the Philippine Broker (in compliance with Philippine real estate law), but rather from the Consultant’s office which is based in the US, or your home country.

We can pay you either by PayPal, or by bank wire.  Transfer fees charged by the bank will be deducted from the amount sent to you.

When do I get paid?

The time it takes to get paid depends firstly on the date upon which your Client ‘closes’ on the transaction.  The second factor is the type of transaction involved, and the parties involved with the sale.

Private Party Buy/Sell

Paperwork is finalized quickly.  You should expect the payout 2 – 4 weeks after.

Purchased from Developer

For purchases directly from a Developer, the payout depends largely on the internal policies of the Developer.  Some finalize the paperwork within a few weeks, and some can take months.  We will forewarn you if a Developer has a reputation of taking a long time.

Preselling from Developer

Please be aware that for ‘preselling’ properties, most buyers will choose a delayed payment plan (with the Developer), during which time the Buyer makes multiple payment installments over several months.  In this case, the sale does not ‘close’ until the unit is constructed and handed over to the Client.

In this situation, you are allotted a partial referral amount each time the buyer makes an installment payment.  When the buyer ‘closes’ at the end of the delayed payment plan, you then receive the remaining full referral amount owed to you.

How much will I get paid?

You receive 20% of all commissions received by the Property Consultant’s office . You will be given full transparency in knowing the sales price, and commission negotiated, so you can easily follow how much you should be receiving.

Example 1:
Your Client buys a brand-new condo for $100,000, and the negotiated commission is 5%. The US Property Consultant Office will be getting 2.5% ($2500). You will receive 20% of this amount ($500).

Example 2:
Your Client sells their property for $100,000, and the standard 5% commission ($5000) applies for the transaction.  Another Broker brought us the Buyer, and is therefore entitled to half of the commission (2.5%).  The Property Consultant office then receives half of that (1.25%), or $1,250.  You would receive 20% of that = $250.

Taxable Income Withholding

In some cases, your own host country government may require the Property Consultant Office to withhold taxable income and pay it to the government directly. This varies by country, and affects the net amount you receive after paying the taxes.

What we need from you?

We request a single form of government ID scanned (or photographed) & emailed to , to verify your identity.

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