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Marikina Townhouse (Philippines)


Marikina is located in the island of Luzon, northern part of the Philippines.  It is part of the National Capital Region and the Manila metropolitan area.  Marikina is an important residential and industrial area, and known to be the “Shoe Capital of the Philippines”.  The city is also prominent in terms of culture and tourism, and it is one of the wealthiest local units in the country.  

Aside from its shoe production, Marikina is also known for its eco-friendly and balance industry, and tourist spots.  Marikina is the most awarded city in Metro Manila, also considered as one of the healthiest cities within the Asia-Pacific, awarded by the Hall of Fame for its greenest and cleanest city.  Because, the community and the people in Marikina are well disciplined and informed.

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Top 5 Facts

  • Marikina was former capital of the province of Manila during the declaration of Philippine Independence.
  • The Riverbanks Center has been declared as the city’s business, finance, and commercial triangle.
  • Marikina River runs through the mid-west portion of the city.
  • Marikina City is one of the large distribution in Metro Manila in terms of land area.
  • Marikina was one of the seats of the Spanish colonial government in the past centuries, and has been used as the base of Roman Catholic missions to the Philippines.

Buyer Advice

When searching for a Marikina townhouse, just be aware that - at present - there aren't many new townhouse developments occurring in Marikina City.  It is believed that development could soon spread to this area soon though.  In the meantime, there are quite a few previously & currently-owned Marikina townhouses that are available for purchase.  I can help you get a list of suitable Marikina townhomes together.  Contact me today, and I'd be glad to help you.


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