The priority of Cityland Group of Companies is to provide excellent investment opportunity yet very affordable housing for the betterment of the lives of our dear Filipinos.

In order for the housing to be really affordable, they provide in-house financing to their buyers, and payment schemes is easy and non-hassle since terms are up to ten years.  Cityland Group of Companies have superb experience in their paying capacity in the client’s amortization, shown by less than 1% delinquency rate compared with the total loan portfolio.


Currently, Cityland Group of Companies is now on its 31st year of existence, already developed 41 condominium projects consisting of 23,984 units and launched 685 hectares of subdivision projects consisting of 18,575 lots and 1,007 housing units. Cityland was named as the Leading Condominium Developer in the Philippines, so they still provide high-class products and services to continue to gain respect and confidence to their investors.  In order to promote economic development and progress for a stable nation, Cityland Group of Companies continue to be a major contributor and premier developer in the country.

Cityland Group of Companies attributes all their success and blessings by making God as their partner in all their undertakings.

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