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Cavite Townhouse (Manila, Philippines)


Cavite is a province in the Philippines found in the southern part of Manila Bay in the CALABARZON region.  It is one of the fastest growing provinces in the country due to its close proximity to Metro Manila.  Cavite has experienced rapid economic growth in less than a year after the opening of the seven-kilometer stretch of the Manila-Cavite Expressway (Cavitex) extension project.  Due to rapid urbanization Cavite has changed completely its face into commercial and industrial center in the region.  After Cavitex was open, low income housing urban development like subdivisions and townhouse are sprawling particularly in the towns of Rosario, Kawit, Tanza, Noveleta, Naic and Ternate.

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Top 5 Facts

  1. Cavite has been important as a naval base and trade center since the days of the Spanish.
  2. Cavite is located within the Greater Manila Area, not to be confused with adjacent Metro Manila, the defined capital district.
  3. The hydrological network of the province is composed of main rivers and tributaries.
  4. Cavite boasts a stretch of about 123 kilometers of shoreline.
  5. As of 2003, there are thirty-one (31) industrial estates in the province.

Buyer Advice

If you're reading this, you're likely in search of a Cavite townhouse for purchase I highly recommend this area for city workers that want a more affordable & roomy property than can be found in Metro Manila.  This area is also suitable for vacationers and ex-pats, who want a summer home that is not too far from the Manila airport.  Contact me today, and we can start your property search for a townhouse in Cavite.

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